Morning Routine

What do you do the right time after you wake up from your sleep? 

Morning is an essential time of the day. You may wake up with nothingness, happiness, sadness, excitement, or else. But what do you do after wake up with that feeling? I often did a not good thing to do in the morning. It was checking instagram and other social medias, I saw other people’s life and didn’t engage with my morning moment. I woke up seeing other’s happiness, sadness, complexity.

The worst was when I saw someone’s life more satisfying than mine. I started to think myself bad, self-loathing a lot. And that happened in the morning. You could imagine what’s the rest. I walked in with sadness, think I wasn’t enough, I did nothing to my life, “this is not fair God.”

Get away from your phone, have a good breakfast, write your gratitude, read books (this is food for your mind, since today is people eat what’s on social media, subjectivity, hatred #ImSoDone) think you are enough, you have your own life, masih banyak cara menjadi besar.


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Lahir tahun 1996.

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