Little Conversation with Some People #1

I’m a random person, and usually my mind caught up into random questions. Many questions I keep for myself alone, and sometimes I share it with people.
And here one of the questions is :
“If in this world you can only live in the same situation in an hour, which hour would you choose?”
And people got their own favorite hour.  
Some said that they love the fresh air, and the serenity within 05.00-06.00 a.m. .
One of my friends said  he got  05.00 p.m as his favorite time, because he likes the sunset . 
My friend said he likes the atmosphere between 07.30 a.m. until 08.30 a.m.
And there was also a friend who said she likes the late night situation.
People have their own favorite time, favorite situation. But thanks God that we have 24 hours a day, with different atmosphere, and within that time we have to enjoy it. We got sunrise, the sun in the day, the sunset, the moon. 
Even though we have the most favorite situation, but God knows. 
And I hope people can tell their love ones about how they love the sunrise, the sunset, and deep conversation in the night. 

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