To whoever you are who anonymously visiting my blog.
In the lack of signal condition, I try to post this.

Assalamualaikum wr.wb.

Sometimes my words are wounded, sometimes I express something strictly. And on this moment I want to use my words to say sorry for what I’ve been done.
Hope our days will be more productive with the kindness of words, and use it as weapon to spread positive impact.
My behavior could be out of norms, and not always good. As a human it’s so humane, but I’m sorry I never meant to be bad or being the agony of anyone’s heart.

Thank you, for your forgiveness.
Hope we can be good-friends always.
Don’t forget to be grateful, cause you still present on this present. 🙂
Have a good day!

With the wholeheartedly,

Yana and her entire universe.

P.S. : It nice to know your thoughts about…… everything.
P.S.S. :There will be a kind of flashback in every ramadhan, like how was my ramadhan previously. Yet I don’t know what will be missing from my ramadhan this year, but I’ll be missing something next year.
Hope next year, will be much more something to be grateful. Ehe.


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Lahir tahun 1996.

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