I am a middle person to the issue of same-sex-marriage

“We’re all born with selfish desires, so we can all relate to those feelings in others. But kindness is something made individually by each person…so it’s easy to misunderstand when others are trying to be kind to you.”-Natsuki Takaya

I grew up in normal family. Dad, mom, little brother, little sister.
I grew up with them.
My home is so much liberal, I mean dad and mom always give me liberty to decide my life.
Indeed I guarantee my responsibility for everything I do, everything I decide.
No boundaries for my activity, but sure always give me reminder to choose things effectively and the impact of it.
That time, when people call me as unique person.
I started to become feeling different from people.
But I believe people are unique, different.
Your might feel the pain because of heartache, so does your best friend.
But the feeling must be different, and a way to face it. I don’t know I always believe that.
I have that period when I indeed want to disappear from people, 
They say life is a roller coaster, but I feel, I am a roller coaster. 
I like rose, 
My ex was a great rose-deliver,
But I am feeling sorry to push him away,
I am not Alaska,
But I feel too, I am a hurricane.
I don’t put much my interest in mainstream song,
I do appreciate it,
Taylor Swift is a damn genius musician and oh God she’s so super-model,
But I prefer to follow a local woman, an indie musician,
And I like to check her writings.
I love lovely colors,
I put pink on my bedroom wall,
But I dress like everyday is the death of the people I love,
But in Russia black is happy, right?
I have big amount of friend, 
They are great,
But why do they like to leave me lonely,
Are they feeling lonely too?
Friday is my favorite day,
I was born on Friday,
But how could,
God took my beloved grandmother on Friday,
Yet doomsday will be on Friday too.
Oh, it’s shouldn’t be questioned.
I eat everything,
I like to eat,
I love food,
But everything is good to eat anything, with the affectionate people.
I don’t remember the name of coffee drink,
Caramel macchiato,
Chocolate coffee mint,
I don’t remember my favorite.
But I rememeber the taste of Balinese coffee, Toraja coffee, Papua coffee, Gayo coffee.
I like to send letter,
Tell me if you want,
hehe.. weird?
I’m not, because I guess you have your own too.
I want to shut down my phone for at leas a week,
I can’t even for a day.
I feel save,
I bring my book.
My common sense condemning the feeling of sleepy,
But I sleep everywhere.
I can cook, really,
I just don’t practice much.
I’ve ever met an appropriate man for me, I guess.
But it was just kind of ‘nice to meet you.’
(Dear you, I wish we still have much time to talk to love again? haha you will curse me for this. Don’t you remember when we were gazing to the super-moon together?)
I feel so pretty good to be capable to help people. It makes me feel so human.
I have my wish too, when I get so old I want to be a really conservative moslem.
(should I wait this until I get so old, please someone lighten me up)
Mineral water,
Sambel kacang. Muach.

I feel so dusty in this universe,
At the same time I feel I’m the universe.

For you,
Whoever you are,
Be grateful,
Look at the sun that shines,
Stare to the moon,
Look how beautiful people are,
Autumn leaves, 
Wind that blows,
Problems will come,
And remember you will pass that.
Seberapa jauh kamu merenung tentang hidup,
Hidup adalah hidup.
Anyway, I am in my study to be social worker,
If you have any relate issue, 
It would be nice to know your thoughts! about everything.
P.S. :
God, who cares.

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