To You

Dear my future husband,

Hey how are you?
Hope you are well, InshaAllah. This time right now, we may not know each other, or have you knew me yet? Like maybe we were ever in the same course, same class at school, even involved in the same committee. Or maybe we were ever met in a little glimpse, in the road or mall.

Friends are talking about how they ideal husband they want. And me?
I just hope you are good, good in my definition mehehe. And I hope you are not that overrated man, and you are in tune with Banda Neira, Rusa Militan, Pandai Besi, Paper Kites, Frank Ocean, even for my favorite DJ hehe. If you are not into them, I hope you are an open minded man that love new things.

This time right now, I am not in desire to have relationship with any man. If you are in relationship with a girl, don’t hurt heart. Treat her good, but in the end you will leave her because someday you will be with me. lol

Keep reading books, if you don’t like to read. At least I hope you like watching movies, and don’t mind to discuss about the movies you already finished.
Do you like coffee? My favorite is…… uhmm sorry I always forget the menu’s. I hope you can tell me story about your coffee experience, so I can remember my favorite.

Don’t worry about anything.
You will be fine.
We will be fine.

I love you, from the distance.


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Lahir tahun 1996.

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